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Entry #1

The Free Flash Feature Challenge

2013-01-07 22:00:18 by Luigiweegy

Dear Nobody because I have no followers because I never really generated any content for this website,

I downloaded the free thirty day trial of Adobe Flash CS6. That means I have 30 days to put together my first ever flash animation! The challenge begins now. Hopefully somebody other than me will enjoy the product.


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2013-01-20 02:43:08

You'd have to check the Flash forum, but I think you can just reinstall after it expires and will work again (might be CS5, idk).
Either way, I got a kick out of your spit n' balingwire approach, and hope to see more ludicrous stuff in the future - there's more than one way to skin a critter. Gave you a 3/5, not out of pity either :)


2013-07-18 04:30:00

So you dead, what's happening? Where's the beef?